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ADS Digital Magazine
Volume 1

Sorrento To Rome

A trip to Calabria will be unforgettable.

The Panta Rei Hotel is a must visit for 3-4 days. The best beaches in Italy are in this region, which is also known for outstanding food. The place is not as hectic as the rest of Italy and September is the best time for travel as it is a little cooler as well.
Drive back up to Rome and enjoy the stops along the way. The Amalfi coast never fails to delight the senses.
Don’t go to Sorrento without visiting restaurant Francischiello – after all food is a big part of the Italian way of life.
One of the best vacation spots around is Rome. Wear comfortable walking shoes to prepare for the long walks you will be taking.
Many more amazing pictures will be coming soon.


Tuscany Tour

Whether it is a vicarious trip or a flash back to when – you will enjoy this trip.
Editor’s notes give insight into the more significant details on this unforgettable trip.